Hiking around Steg – Switzerland

Some weeks ago in February 2020 we did a dayhike close to Steg in the valley of the Töss River. This is roughly 30 min away from Zurich and again it was an amazing trip with great views and perfect spots to have have some delicious food while watching the (still) snowy Alps. This is a trip that can be easily made during early spring in case the snow situation allows it.

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Switzerland – Finland – by Train

In February 2020, I went from Zurich, Switzerland, to Ivalo, Finland, by train and bus. My intention was to find out how easy it is to do so with public transport and without taking a flight. A lot of people talk about this since the advent of the “Flugscham” – so I thought “let’s give it a try”. Here comes my story about this trip.

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