Local 7 Summits - Lägeren - Switzerland


The principle is quite simple: You pick a map / scope, you find the 7 summits you want to tackle, you invite friends & family and you climb the peak. Of course you can do all the fancy “social-mediaing” out of this, such as #Local7Summits, but I leave this to others.

My scope was: the 7 highest peaks in the canton of Zurich. Whether my list is 100% accurate is questionable, but I picked this one:

  1. Schnebelhorn - 1292m
  2. Hörnli - 1133m
  3. Bachtel - 1115m
  4. Albishorn - 914m
  5. Ütliberg - 870m
  6. Lägeren - 866m
  7. Pfannenstil - 853m

Peak #1: Lägeren

Over the Easter break 2024 I finished the first of the seven summits of the canton of Zurich: The Lägeren

We started from the Parkplatz Linden which is a great spot to start the hike. From there, you can reach the Hochwacht hut in around 45 minutes that also offers food & beverages. From the hut, you can continue the hike along the ridge until you reach Baden. Find the details of this trail here - I did this trip a few years ago and I can strongly recommend it.

Don’t forget to visit the little town of Regensberg with its small castle and great views of the region.


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