Up to the Schartihöreli

At the southern end of the Vierwaldstättersee aka Lake Lucerne you can find the Schartihöreli, a 1692m high mountain which offers amazing views over the southern part of the Lake Lucerne. We climbed it in May 2024 under perfect weather conditions.

We started our trip at lake level in Isleten (436m) where you can find an active windsurfing & vanlife community including a nice beach bar that offers cold beverages for your after-tour chillout. From there you basically climb up 1200 meters altitude via the Kirchenrüti, Mittlist Scharti and the Ober Scharti. We took a shortcut on the way down: From Gietisflue you can take the ropeway into the valley from where the street leads back to Isleten. Alternative approach: hiking up the Gitschen (2513m), which is another 4 hours from the Schartihöreli.

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All in all an amazing trip for early May with beautiful views on Lake Lucerne and the higher Alps in the South.


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