Infosec Reading List - April 2024

On a monthly basis I will publish my reading recommendations which mainly focus on Information Security (InfoSec) and Outdoor Sports. All InfoSec Reading Lists can be found here. Text in italic represent quotes from the original article.

Quotes from the Twitterverse

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  • 5 Keys to Get the Most out of the Feynman Technique - [link]
  • When security matters: working with Qubes OS at the Guardian - At the Guardian, we needed to go further. We use Qubes VMs to process sensitive documents, and we’d like as much certainty as possible that those documents can only be read by specific people. - [link]
  • ‘Lavender’: The AI machine directing Israel’s bombing spree in Gaza - [link]
  • Everything I know about the XZ backdoor - the summary of the xz finding pretty much went viral and the author feels the impact here - [link]
  • Top Israeli spy chief exposes his true identity in online security lapse - opsec - An electronic version of the book included an anonymous email address that can easily be traced to Sariel’s name and Google account. - [link]
  • The US Government Has a Microsoft Problem - [link]



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