Packrafting Switzerland - Reuss River - from Root to Bremgarten

Back in 2017 (and also in 2013), we packrafted the Reuss river from Bremgarten to Baden which is indeed a nice trip that I can recommend. This time, we spent one day on the Reuss and rafted from a place called “Root” (no joking, close to Lucerne) down to Bremgarten.

You can easily reach Root via public transport within 1 hour from Zurich. In Root, there is a good spot to enter the Reuss close to the main bridge (GPS: 47.12455, 8.396606). The first 75% of this trip will be flying by since the Reuss will drag you quickly up north. Only the last 25% require your physical engagement.

In case you don’t make any breaks, you can reach Bremgarten in 3-4 hours depending on the current. There are no dams where you need to get out of the water, except for the main one in Bremgarten (GPS: 47.34347, 8.346137). From there, you can continue as noted in the other trip report from 2017.

I would rate this trip as WW I - there are no real difficult parts. But don’t forget to bring some Swiss Cervelat and get some nice BBQ at one of the multiple fire places on this trip.


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