Winter Packrafting the River Thur - Switzerland

We kicked off the trip in Lütisburg directly at the old wooden bridge (GPS: 47.39367, 9.074912). It then took us a few hours to get down to Schwarzenbach (GPS: 47.44626, 9.063843) where we got out before the bridge as you can see in the video. The public transport is not the best on a Sunday afternoon so we hiked back to Lütisburg which will take you 1-2 hours depending on the track you take.

This section of the river is known as the “Mittlere Thur” and is rated as a II/III. However, keep in mind that we had a very low water level during our ride (532,9). The flow rate was 6.1 m³ - check the latest level here.

All in all the Thur is a very nice river with plenty of different difficulty levels that could also be tried out during low water season. We will return back to the Thur, that’s for sure, perhaps to packraft other sections.


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