Packrafting Switzerland - Reuss River

After having paddled the Reuss river already in 2013, I spent the Saturday with two friends to go down this nice and calm river from Bremgarten until Gebenstorf. It’s a perfect distance for a 1-day trip and can be reached in roughly 30 minutes from Zurich by public transport.

Tour Information

  • You don’t need to get out of the water during the whole trip due to dams etc. In case you want to extend this trip or even start earlier, you will need to get out of the water and walk around some dams - but not on this trip mentioned here.
  • There is a persistent wave close to the starting point depending on the water level - GPS: 47.355935, 8.340603. This time it was basically not existent - but in 2013 it was fun to surf. Take the left channel when you see the island in the middle of the river.
  • We had around 80 m³/second which was a comparatively low water level - in 2013 we had around 300 m³/second - latest levels can be checked here
  • The nature is nice and floating down the Reuss provides you a different view on this countryside.

Getting There & Away

  • From Zurich HB you can either take the S-Bahn or a bus - check the SBB website and search for the final destination “Bremgarten Obertor”. From there, it’s just a 5 minutes walk down to the river where you can inflate your Packraft.
    • GPS coordinates of starting point: 47.350914, 8.337916
    • GPS coordinates of ending point: 47.480429, 8.225062


This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.