Torres del Paine – The Place to Hike?

In March 2016, I spent some time in the “Torres del Paine National Park” (TdP) in Chile. The park offers plenty of possibilities for hiking and a well maintained hiking infrastructure.

You can find tons of information about hiking the TdP area and therefore I don’t want to go into details here. However, I consider it not to be one of my favorites compared with other areas I experienced in Chile due to it’s extreme popularity and it’s mass-tourism infrastructure (140,000 visitors / year in 2016, but according to the latest Wikipedia numbers, it’s even 250,000).

However, in case you intend to hike in a beautiful nature with a well-established hiking infrastructure where you can hardly get lost and where you can find regular possibilities for resupply, then the TdP National Park is the right place for you. There are even refugios on the trail which need to be reserved in advance.


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