Sleep - Eat - Skate - Repeat - Cross-Country Skiing in Finland

We spent an awesome and intense week in Saariselkä in February 2019 - solely sleeping, eating, skating (see last years report here ).

Below you can find the rough plan we executed on skis. For me as a beginner this was quite a challenge. We had our base hut close to the town center of Saariselkää. Also check out the skiing trail map I added below as well as the little video which will give you an impression of the amazing landscape during winter times.

  1. day: Base hut - Rönkönlampi hut - Kilopää - Base hut
    Total: 21,3 km

  2. day: Base hut - Kaunispää - Palo Oja - Moitakuru hut - Lutto hut - Base hut
    Total: 31,9 km

  3. day: rest day
    Total: 0 km

  4. day: some trails around Saariselkää town
    Total: 12 km

  5. day: Base hut - Luulampi - Vellinsärpimänoja
    Total: 23 km

  6. day: Vellinsärpimänoja - Base hut
    Total: 12,30 km


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