Infosec Reading List - December 2022

On a monthly basis I will publish my reading recommendations which mainly focus on Information Security (InfoSec) and Outdoor Sports. All InfoSec Reading Lists can be found here. Text in italic represent quotes from the original article.

Quotes from the Twitterverse



  • What’s in a PR statement: LastPass breach explained - [link]
  • A Roomba recorded a woman on the toilet. How did screenshots end up on Facebook? - [link]
  • LastPass has been breached: What now? - [link]
  • The Myth of the Secret Genius - If someone referred to their research as “innovative,” or “game-changing,” for example, they would be more likely to get funding than if someone accurately depicted it as an important, but incremental step toward better knowledge. And guess who tended to use over-confident language that promised the moon? Men. - True geniuses are humble. Those who fashion themselves as Secret Geniuses are not. - [link]
  • 802.eleventy what? A deep dive into why Wi-Fi kind of sucks - 5 years old and still important - [link]
  • Better Make Sure Your Password Manager Is Secure - [link]
  • Analysis of supply chain attacks through public container images - [link]



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