Dayhiking Stanserhorn - Melchtal

The Cabrio Cableway up to the Stanserhorn is pretty hyped and on a nice weekend you can find crowds of tourist groups lining up at the entrance. The special thing about it: you stand open-air on top of the cabin instead of standing inside of it behind glass walls. Well … in return the views from the Stanserhorn are quite amazing.

In September 2023, we did a small daytrip from the Stanserhorn along the ridge via Chli Horn, Gräfimattnollen, Gräfimattstand, Hüser and then down into the valley to Melchtal. Throughout the whole ridge, you can see the Pilatus & ridge.In the beginning, we didn’t pay too much attention to the track, hence took the wrong one and descended 400m down into the valley which we had to climb up again. So it took us 6-7 hours in total of relaxed walking. You can be much faster if you don’t make navigation mistakes :smile:


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