The Chaiserstuel peak is a mountain that can be easily reached via cable car first and then followed by an slightly increasing trail. This is a perfect day hike in case you don’t want to challenge you too hard.

The Tannheim Mountains (Austria) have been on my list for quite a while now – in July 2020, we spent a weekend there. Conclusion: Bad weather on the first day was lowering the view but not the mood – the ski resort in the middle of the mountains does not add a lot of bonus points to the hiking experience – but all in all it’s worth a visit.

Recently, on reddit, there was an interesting discussion ongoing in regards to Qubes OS: “Opinion: I think Qubes is underrated as a day-to-day OS, I use it as my daily driver because the OS’s structure makes me productive, anyone else?”. I guess this topic is worth a blog post to discuss in more details.

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A wonderful dayhike around the Kaiseregg (2185m), Switzerland. We started early, around 6.30am and finished early afternoon.