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The Schrattenflue was already on our list when we hiked up the Fürstein earlier in 2020. Then, in August, we did the complete traverse in 2 days.

This is a cycling trail, proposed by a friend, starts in Zurich close to Sihlcity and surrounds the Albis Mountain Range on a 50 km trail.

Hiking up mountains and hills while enjoying 35 degrees is not always fun – therefore we started this 3 hours hike in the late afternoon on a wonderful August day in 2020.

We spent the night in the car on the Klausenpass before we started around 6am to climb up to the Fisetenpass from which we headed for the Gemsfairenstock. Approx. 25 kilometers with about 2000m to climb and descend in 10 hours – perfect sunshine and thunderstorm in the afternoon.