Mallorca is awesome for hiking – although it doesn’t look like this in the first place. The GR221, as part of the European network of long-distance trails, provides roughly 150 lovely kilometers of connected trails. Additionally, there is a lot of map material available with which you can create your own alternatives.

Traveling the world has at least one absolute constant: change will happen. Especially during travels, things are changing constantly – this is the mystical part of traveling. Each day is a day that lacks the stability and “boredom” of our ordinary lives at home. This type of change from normality is what we experienced during our trip to the northern part of the Syrian Desert in December 2009, where our original plans… Read More

In El Bolson you can literally watch the time going by. There is no rush – no stress – especially if you hike up the mountains towards the border of Chile and hop from refugio to refugio, enjoying delicious self-made pizza and cerveza. While El Bolson is a known place amongst the backpacker scene, the hikes up in the mountains are not flooded by tourists yet. I was there over the Easter… Read More

El Chalten is an upcoming (if not already) hot spot for tourism and on the edge to become a mainstream place-to-be in Patagonia. Nevertheless, not yet a McDonald’s restaurant can be found there so I can still recommend to pay a visit to this lovely spot close to El Calafate.

The trip below was a short 3-4 days trip we did in September 2015 around Mendoza, Argentina. This region allows you easily to chose amongst plenty of different possibilities to plan your own trips / routes in the amazing pre-Andes environment of Argentina.