Since a USB controller assignment survives reboot, you may find yourself unable to access your system. (link) Qubes OS does consider all USB devices by default as potentially evil. So in case you are serious about USB-based attacks on your Qubes-OS environment, you might want to install an USB qube such as sys-usb.

The forecast was already bad – but nevertheless, we decided to spend the day on hiking up the Roggenstock (1778m) and have a look at the geological trail that offers a lot of information around the geological background of this area.

The Pilatus Mountain, close to the town of Lucerne, provides amazing views into the higher Alps as well as towards the lower north. Recently, we crossed parts of the mountain range beginning in the morning at the Mittaggüpfi (1917m) then continuing towards Tomlishorn (2128m) and ending on the Pilatus Kulm (2119m) close to midday.

When talking with people about hiking deserts, I often get the question “what do you bring with you in order to be able to handle the harsh environment?”. Within this blog post, I want to introduce my Top 5 gear items I brought to the high deserts of South America.

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