A Present in the Desert

I didn’t know Sarah Marquis before I went off to hike the deserts of Bolivia, Chile and Argentina – shame on me, I should have come across her book “Deserts d’Altitude” and the other amazing desert hikes she already did during my research and preparation for the trip. Most probably this was caused by the fact that the book is only available in French and honestly my French is a little bit rusty. Sidetracked has a great interview with her in English here.

Below I want to tell you the story about the present I received in the desert – the book “Deserts d’Altitude” – given to me by a stranger I met on a dirt road close to the border of Bolivia / Chile. Since I don’t get presents quite often while walking in the desert, I thought this is worth a posting.

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Urban Packrafting – Lake Zurich and Limmat River

Zurich offers plenty of possibilities for Packrafting folks – therefore, I’m still wondering why there is no commercial offering for packrafting trips in (and around) Zurich. Perhaps this is something the Zurich Tourism Office will pick up in the future?

Recently, we were enjoying the evening sun on the Zurich lake in our packrafts before heading down the Limmat towards Dietikon. This is an easy trip which basically requires basic paddling skills only. Solely the transport ferries represent a risk to packrafting folks.

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