5-Lake-Hike – Pizol – Switzerland

The 5-Lake-Hike is a famous hiking track close to the town of “Sargans” in Switzerland. It can easily be done in one day and the most complicated part of the track is basically making sure that you are not missing the last chairlift down to Sargans. So don’t start too late – and try to go on a sunny day where you can really enjoy the panorama.

More information, inlcuding GPS track (which is not needed) can be found here. Be aware that this track goes up around 750m and descends around 1100m in just a couple of hours.

Packrafting Cheow Lan Lake – Khao Sok – Thailand

The final destination of my few-weeks packrafting trip in Thailand led me to the Cheow Lan Lake which is part of the Khao Sok National Park. Previous destinations of my trip where the Phang Nga Bay and the Sok River which I also visited via packraft.
Since packrafting information about Khao Sok are rare / not exist, my intention is to provide some baseline information in this posting.

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Packrafting the Sok River – Thailand

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Packrafting Cheow Lan Lake – Khao Sok – Thailand

The Sok River in Thailand is leading through the southern part of the Khao Sok Nationalpark located roughly 200 km north of Phuket. The nationalpark itself is an artificial one created in 1982.

The Sok River is an excellent beginner river with (depending on season) whitewater level I / II maximum (end of November). It is close to civilization but you still get the possibility to see plenty of wildlife & jungle.

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