Dominik Birk

We recently surrounded the Lake Zug in a few hours by bicycle. It’s not an ideal route I can recommend, unfortunately.

Already back in the old days, centuries ago in the Middle Ages, Switzerland was widely known for it’s free peasants. They were still officially part of a kingdom, Habsburg in this...

Views from the trail

Recently, we spent a weekend in a private hut close to Ottenleuebad, a small town in the mountains between Freiburg and Thun. Besides the amazing weather we really enjoyed, Ottenleuebad has...

Just 20 min outside of Zurich, you can find a small town called “Wila” where we started recently our short midday-hike.

View towards South

Just this summer we went to the Alpthal and did a nice hike there – now in fall, we returned but decided to hike the valley parallel to the Alpthal.