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5-Lake-Hike – Pizol – Switzerland

The 5-Lake-Hike is a famous hiking track close to the town of “Sargans” in Switzerland. It can easily be done in one day and the most complicated part of the track is basically making sure that you are not missing the last chairlift down to Sargans. So don’t start too late – and try to go on a sunny day where you can really enjoy the panorama.

More information, inlcuding GPS track (which is not needed) can be found here. Be aware that this track goes up around 750m and descends around 1100m in just a couple of hours.

Traversing the Pilatus Range – Switzerland

The Pilatus Mountain, close to the town of Lucerne, provides amazing views into the higher Alps as well as towards the lower north. Recently, we crossed parts of the mountain range beginning in the morning at the Mittaggüpfi (1917m) then continuing towards Tomlishorn (2128m) and ending on the Pilatus Kulm (2119m) close to midday.

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Rigimarsch – the Swiss 50 km Walk

After having finished the Rigimarsch a couple of years ago, it was time again to push the 50 km through the night in order to finish early in the morning on the Rigi. This event is well organized: 2000 people started around 7-8pm in order to be on the top of the Rigi the next morning around 8-9am – roughly 50 km and a total height of 1550 meters needed to be covered. Out of the 2000 starters, 1650 finished the trip which demonstrates clearly that the Swiss are serious mountain folks.

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