Dominik Birk

Just 20 min outside of Zurich, you can find a small town called “Wila” where we started recently our short midday-hike.

View towards South

Just this summer we went to the Alpthal and did a nice hike there – now in fall, we returned but decided to hike the valley parallel to the Alpthal.

On the Murgsee Circuit Trail

Winter is coming – and we ended the season with an amazing hike close to the Murgsee. The weather was amazing with partially sunny parts and the first snow on 2000...

Sunset with Heftihütte on the left

The Schrattenflue was already on our list when we hiked up the Fürstein earlier in 2020. Then, in August, we did the complete traverse in 2 days.

View on the Mythen Mountains

Hiking up mountains and hills while enjoying 35 degrees is not always fun – therefore we started this 3 hours hike in the late afternoon on a wonderful August day in...