Dominik Birk
Castle Montebello

In May 2021, we spent some days in the Bellinzona region to enjoy early spring with nice weather and great views on castles and mountains. The castles in Bellinzona were a...

Perfect Single Trail

The Schnebelhorn Circuit Hike is an easy half-day hike we did a few weeks ago during perfect sunny weather with around 20 degrees.

Views from the trail

Recently, we spent a weekend in a private hut close to Ottenleuebad, a small town in the mountains between Freiburg and Thun. Besides the amazing weather we really enjoyed, Ottenleuebad has...

Just 20 min outside of Zurich, you can find a small town called “Wila” where we started recently our short midday-hike.

View towards South

Just this summer we went to the Alpthal and did a nice hike there – now in fall, we returned but decided to hike the valley parallel to the Alpthal.