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Switzerland – Finland – by Train

In February 2020, I went from Zurich, Switzerland, to Ivalo, Finland, by train and bus. My intention was to find out how easy it is to do so with public transport and without taking a flight. A lot of people talk about this since the advent of the “Flugscham” – so I thought “let’s give it a try”. Here comes my story about this trip.

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Dayhiking the Hohentwiel Fortress Ruins

The ruins of fortress Hohentwiel, located in the south of Germany, are definitively worth a visit. You can easily spend several hours hiking up the hill and explore the complete area while reading the historical background of this former fortress. We recently dayhiked to the fortress starting in the town of Engen, north of the fortress.

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Packrafting Parts of the Neckar River

In May 2017, we headed out to Germany for giving the Neckar River a try with our packrafts. We kicked off in Rottweil on Saturday morning where the Neckar is still a small, tiny runlet which made rafting basically a tough challenge. On our way North, we had to leave the river a couple of times due to dams. But we made it via Talhausen to Epfendorf and continued on Sunday via Oberndorf to Sulz am Neckar where we ended our trip.

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