Infosec Reading List – April 2022

On a monthly basis I will publish my reading recommendations which mainly focus on Information Security and Outdoor Sports.

All InfoSec Reading Lists can be found here.

Quotes from the Twitterverse


  • Secrets of Successful Security Programs – Part 2 link
  • Windows integration work in Qubes 4.1 by the tabit-pro teamlink
  • Defender’s Mindset – awesome article – “So while malware and exploits may play some part in their toolkit, attackers are just IT with different goals.” – “This is meant as a call to action to defenders to see their network as attackers do – as a set of nodes connected by control relationships and dependencies. Credentials give you access to nodes. Elevated credentials give you power over them.” – “Attackers use your infrastructure. Make it a sensor with event collection. It’s not the bite that makes a spider successful–it’s the web.”link
  • See-Do-Feedback: The Right Way To Practicelink
  • The SEC Is About To Force CISOs Into America’s Boardroomslink
  • Muting your mic reportedly doesn’t stop big tech from recording your audio link


  • Hannes Lindemann link
  • The Man Who Bought a Tropical Island and What He Did With Itlink
  • The woman who walked around the world“”I didn’t start walking because I was fearless,” Maxwell said, “but rather because I was terrified””link

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