Infosec Reading List – January 2022

Mythen Mountains (Small and Big)

On a monthly basis I will publish my reading recommendations which mainly focus on Information Security and Outdoor Sports.

All InfoSec Reading Lists can be found here.

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  • Finding the Right Balance — and Flexibility — in Your Leadership Style“A single approach to leadership, whether traditional or emerging, is not going to meet the myriad of challenges that today’s leaders face.”link
  • iOS malware can fake iPhone shut downs to snoop on camera, microphone“While all user interaction with the device is turned off, the Bluetooth chip continues to advertise its presence to nearby devices by operating on low-power mode, albeit at intervals larger than the default 15 minutes.”link
  • NAT Slipstreaming v2.0link
  • What Is Zero Trust? It Depends What You Want to Hearlink
  • Research: Why Employees Violate Cybersecurity Policies“When asked why they failed to follow security policies, our participants’ top three responses were, “to better accomplish tasks for my job,” “to get something I needed,” and “to help others get their work done.” These three responses accounted for 85% of the cases in which employees knowingly broke the rules.” – “We also found that people were substantially more likely to knowingly break security protocols on days when they reported experiencing more stress, suggesting that being more stressed out reduced their tolerance for following rules that got in the way of doing their jobs.”link
  • Against the Law: Countering Lawful Abuses of Digital Surveillancelink
  • Meet the NSA spies shaping the futurelink
  • The risk-based approach to cybersecuritylink

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