Multi-Sport Trip to Muotathal

View on the climb up

We did a daytrip to the famous Muotathal – bringing our bikes and hiking boots this time.

I was wrong in my last post – we had more nice days also in October 2021 – so we went over to the Muotathal where plenty of opportunities exist for making nice hiking trips. We brought our bikes this time as well to do a smaller, rather downhill, bike trip before we hiked up back to the where we parked the car.

Muotathal Map -
Muotathal Map –

The blue lines represent our bike trip, starting close to the Pragelpass. After “downhilling” via Muotathal town, we left our bikes down in the valley and took the steep trail (red lines) up to the plateau and then headed over to where we parked the car. In total, the hike was only around 7km, with 1200m up and 500m down (the reverse for the bike: 500m up and 1200m down).

Specifically this area we surrounded provides great views and a nice mixture of forest and grassland.

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