Speed-Hiking Schiberg (2044m)

View on Plattenberg

It was probably one of the last sunny days this summer so I spontaneously decided to climb the Schiberg peak (2044) located at the border between canton Schwyz and Glarus.

When I’m alone on the trail I need to properly pace myself – or I will regret it at a later stage. The climb up to the peak (2044m) from the Wägitalersee (900m) is announced with 3 hours – then more or less additional 2-3 hours for doing the circuit and descend down to the lake. I did it both in under 4 hours which was at least for me way too fast – so my body complained – but each meter was worth it.

Schiberg Trail Altitude Profile
Schiberg Trail Altitude Profile

The climb is constantly going up while passing some alpine huts – after the peak, you go along the ridge towards the Bockmattlistock before you descend down again. The ridge seems to be quite complicated when snow is around.

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