Infosec Reading List – August 2021


On a monthly basis I will publish my reading recommendations which mainly focus on Information Security and Outdoor Sports.

All InfoSec Reading Lists can be found here.

Best of Twitterverse


  • Secret terrorist watchlist with 2 million records exposed onlinelink
  • Is Apple’s NeuralMatch searching for abuse, or for people?link
  • We Got the Phone the FBI Secretly Sold to Criminalslink
  • Embrace ephemerality with default disappearing messages – not a big change but I think the default setting is something nice to have – link
  • One Bad Apple – a longer and more detailed article on the “Apple scans our pictures” discussion – I really liked it and I can also recommend the follow up article – link
  • Wanted: Disgruntled Employees to Deploy Ransomware – insider threats have been always an underestimated topic – now they don’t need to steal the data themselves, they can just install the ransomware and afterwards claim that they weren’t aware & did it unintentionally – link
  • Thinking about “traceability” – “What is “traceability” in an end-to-end encrypted system?” – link
  • Automated Qubes AppVMs based on Whonix Anonymity Modes – nice idea using .sls files which are part of the SALT framework – link
  • Learning as Investing: 7 Skills That Pay Off in Any Job – good start for a list – link
  • The All-Seeing “i”: Apple Just Declared War on Your Privacy “How long do we have left before the iPhone in your pocket begins quietly filing reports about encountering “extremist” political material, or about your presence at a “civil disturbance”?”“I can’t think of any other company that has so proudly, and so publicly, distributed spyware to its own devices—and I can’t think of a threat more dangerous to a product’s security than the mischief of its own maker.”link
  • Disgruntled ransomware affiliate leaks the Conti gang’s technical manualslink
  • Threat Landscape for Supply Chain Attacks – very informative PDF by the ENISA around supply chain attacks – link
  • From open Guest Wi-Fi to pwning a liftlink
  • Exploiting custom protocol handlers for cross-browser tracking in Tor, Safari, Chrome and Firefoxlink
  • The Stealthy iPhone Hacks That Apple Still Can’t Stoplink


  • Saddlebags for Bikepacking & Top Opening Handlebar Bagslink
  • A new road to an inaccessible land – especially in stormy times like these in regards to Afghanistan, it’s important to not forget that another situations exist, also in Afghanistan – link
  • The Northern Soul link
  • Two Women, 600km Across the Aralkum Desertlink

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