Entlebuch Circuit Hike

Kleine Emme - not so small on this day

The Entlebuch is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 2001 so we were sure it was worth a visit. We spent a complete weekend there, camping on private campgrounds and doing a nice circuit hike with great views and cool single trails along the Kleine Emme river.

For the circuit hike we had planned the weather was perfect, almost a little bit too hot. Interestingly we almost met zero people on our way. We started close to Lindenhof and hiked up on the ridge from where we followed well-marked hiking trails to the South before we descended down into the town of Entlebuch where we had some coffee. Afterwards, we followed the path up North along the river before we climbed out of the valley close to Lindenhof.

The trail is a great mixture of good views, single trails through deep, green forest, having a coffee or two on a nice patio in Entlebuch and finishing with a lovely single trail close to the Kleine Emme River where you can also have a short bath during hot days. The river had a quite a lot of water during that day due to various rainy nights before – so perhaps a water level like this would even be enough to go down the river with a packraft? I heard rumors that some folks already did this.

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