Infosec Reading List – June 2021

View on the Kaiseregg Trail

On a monthly basis I will publish my reading recommendations which mainly focus on Information Security and Outdoor Sports.

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  • The Coup We Are Not Talking Aboutlink – this article is too important to only put the link here – therefore, some key parts copied out: “Over the last two decades, I’ve observed the consequences of this surprising political-economic fraternity as those young companies morphed into surveillance empires powered by global architectures of behavioral monitoring, analysis, targeting and prediction that I have called surveillance capitalism” – “Who knows? Who decides who knows? Who decides who decides who knows? Surveillance capitalists now hold the answers to each question, though we never elected them to govern.” – “We live in the digital century during the formative years of information civilization. Our time is comparable to the early era of industrialization, when owners had all the power, their property rights privileged above all other considerations.” – “The deficit reflects a larger pattern: The United States and the world’s other liberal democracies have thus far failed to construct a coherent political vision of a digital century that advances democratic values, principles and government. While the Chinese have designed and deployed digital technologies to advance their system of authoritarian rule, the West has remained compromised and ambivalent.” – “First, we go upstream to supply, and we end the data collection operations of commercial surveillance.” – “Next, we need laws that tie data collection to fundamental rights and data use to public service, addressing the genuine needs of people and communities. Data is no longer the means of information warfare waged on the innocent.” – “Third, we disrupt the financial incentives that reward surveillance economics. We can prohibit commercial practices that exert demand for rapacious data collection. Democratic societies have outlawed markets that trade in human organs and babies. Markets that trade in human beings were outlawed, even when they supported whole economies.” – “We must make our choice. We may have democracy, or we may have surveillance society, but we cannot have both. We have a democratic information civilization to build, and there is no time to waste.”
  • How Tech Loses Out over at Companies, Countries and Continents“If you separate the thinking about things from the doing of things, then innovation will suffer.” – “And we fight for all technology, even the stuff that is not core because we are attached to it, we love what we do. That’s true. I love what I do, I would hate to see the stuff I do getting outsourced to someone else. But sometimes it is a rational decision. And there is a polarization in many companies and organizations where the technical people are all convinced that the management people are all stupid.” link
  • Stop using your work laptop or phone for personal stuff, because I know you are link
  • Exclusive: NATO Classified Cloud Platform Compromisedlink


  • N/A

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