The Castle Hike in Bellinzona

Castle Montebello

In May 2021, we spent some days in the Bellinzona region to enjoy early spring with nice weather and great views on castles and mountains. The castles in Bellinzona were a good opportunity to mix hiking with interesting history.

We used the following trail on as a baseline (GPX can be downloaded here, 10Km with 500m up and 500m down) but extended the hike a little bit and went higher up (+400m) the mountain to get a better view on the Bellinzona valley.

You can spend hours hiking in this region and also do a deep dive into the history of these castles. If you got enough of mountains and history – head down to the Lago Maggiore which is just a view kilometers away from Bellinzona.

Conclusion: Great area to spend time in especially in the earlier months of the year where the Alps still have too much snow.

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