Cycling Around Lake Zug

We recently surrounded the Lake Zug in a few hours by bicycle. It’s not an ideal route I can recommend, unfortunately.

The problem: the majority of the route is on streets where the car traffic rate is too high. This reduces significantly the enjoyment of the great landscape and the amazing views on the snowcapped mountains.

Solely the parts around the town of Zug itself are worth a visit – the area close to the lake is quite amazing, filled with a lot of offers to hang out, do BBQs or spend time with your family in cafes etc.

Lake Zug Roundtrip – Northern Part

Nevertheless – you can find the GPX file to the 68 km trip here – we only did the northern part of Goldau. Perhaps the southern part is more beautiful and calm?

Anyway – lessons learnt: review the route beforehand and do not believe any nicely-written trip reports 😉

Peak of Rigi Mountain
Town of Zug
Street way back to Goldau

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