Cycling through the Freiamt, Switzerland

Already back in the old days, centuries ago in the Middle Ages, Switzerland was widely known for it’s free peasants. They were still officially part of a kingdom, Habsburg in this case, but were allowed to decide minor, low-level law questions on their own (they were “free” in a specific sense – hence “Freiamt“).

What does this have in common with bicycling in the year 2021? The Freiamt is a region in the canton of Aargau which has a 65 km cycling trail which we recently finished.

The Freiamt Velo Trail is not the nicest one I took so far – perhaps this was also caused by the freezing temperatures around 0 degrees and the generally gray weather we had during the cycle trip. However, it’s an easy one and perfectly made for a few hours of relaxed cycling. I’m sure in summer the trail is much more beautiful – you should also bring along some more time to do cultural sightseeing along the trail.

Freiamt Velo Trail Map – Source:

Furthermore, the complete trail is perfectly marked – you won’t need a map at any time. In any case, you can download the GPX file here – or find additional information here. We started at the very North of it (Mägenwil) and it took us 4 hours to finish the 65 km in a relaxed way.

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