winter wonderland ottenleuebad – switzerland

Views from the trail

Recently, we spent a weekend in a private hut close to Ottenleuebad, a small town in the mountains between Freiburg and Thun. Besides the amazing weather we really enjoyed, Ottenleuebad has a nature park close by: Gantrisch which we used for daily activities.

Close to our hut we had the cross-country skiing tracks and also the winter hiking paths were not far. Check out the trail details and snow conditions here – definitively a place I can recommend with great views and plenty of activities to do. As you can see from the pics, the weather was simply amazing and if you want you can also search some spots off the main trails to find your silence.

So all in all a great place to hang out with mother nature – in case you are wondering how this area looks like in summer, check out the “Circletrail Kaiseregg – Switzerland” blog post which is not far away.

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