Hiking the Murgsee Circuit

On the Murgsee Circuit Trail

Winter is coming – and we ended the season with an amazing hike close to the Murgsee. The weather was amazing with partially sunny parts and the first snow on 2000 meters.

You can find the specifics here in a more detailed manner, but TLDR: all in all it’s 1000m up and down and you cannot easily reach the start with public transport (take this GPS point for parking: 47.068461, 9.198001 – it’s 10 CHF for one day).

Trailmap of the Murgsee Circuit – Source: https://map.schweizmobil.ch

The trail is really amazing due to it’s beautiful but also changing landscape. Furthermore, the trail is perfectly in shape and a great hike upwards. The little brooks, the forest parts and the amazing views make this one definitively one of my favourites in 2020.

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