The Schrattenflue Traverse – Switzerland

Sunset with Heftihütte on the left

The Schrattenflue was already on our list when we hiked up the Fürstein earlier in 2020. Then, in August, we did the complete traverse in 2 days.

We parked the car at Alp Schlund and hiked up to the Heftihütte, which is quite an amazing hut to watch the sunset. Be aware: You need to reserve it in case you intend to stay there since it’s locked by default.

The view from the hut and the ridge in general is amazing and very similar to the views from the Fürstein and the Pilatus Ridge: Towards south you have great views on 3000/4000 meter altitude mountains. Towards the North you see the Jura Mountain Range and even Germany during good weather.

Schratteflue Trail – Source:

The next day, we continued along the ridge to the Hengst peak until we reached Schibegütsch where we descended and headed back to the car.

Details of the Trail

Schibegütsch itself also offers some old WW2 bunker system that we visited in the end. Could become quite slippy during wet weather conditions especially in case you descend.

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