Hiking up the Gemsfairenstock (2972m)

Sunset at the Klausenpass

We spent the night in the car on the Klausenpass before we started around 6am to climb up to the Fisetenpass from which we headed for the Gemsfairenstock. Approx. 25 kilometers with about 2000m to climb and descend in 10 hours – perfect sunshine and thunderstorm in the afternoon.

Klausenpass to Gemsfairenstock

Klausenpass to Gemsfairenstock

Most of the folks we met took the lift from the valley to the Fistenpass from which it is “only” 1000m altitude approx – starting from Klausenpass does not seem to be common.

Details of the hike - one way only

Details of the hike – one way only

The hike up itself is technically easy – there are only 1-2 parts where chains support the nervous hiker. All in all a great trip with great weather conditions until early afternoon – on the way down we got caught by a thunderstorm.

The GPX details can be found here.

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