View towards South

Hiking up the Fürstein – Switzerland

It was a sunny, early morning in May 2020 when we hiked up the Fürstein Mountain (2040m) which you can reach in approx. 30 min by car from Lucerne.

This is an easy hike and the biggest challenge you will face is to find a parking lot on the Glaubenbergpass for your car on sunny weekend days. We started our hike around 6.30am and once we came back to the car around 11am, the whole parking area was completely crowded. So I strongly recommend to start as early as possible.

A trail recommendation can be found here – but I recommend you build your own based on You need to climb up around 500m from the pass – however, the trail climbs slowly without very steep parts.

Fürstein Trail Map based on data

The view from the top is simply amazing as you can see from the pictures below. The whole area, including the mountain range close to the Pilatus, is unique since it represents the first range of the alps coming from the Noth.

This means: you have a great view on the flat parts of Switzerland towards the North until the Jura – but you also have a great view on the higher peaks in the core Alps towards the South.

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