Hiking the Jurapark – Switzerland

Hiking the Jura - Switzerland

We caught a perfect sunny day when we went out for a hike in the Jurapark recently. Just 40 minutes from Zurich, the Jurapark has plenty to offer in case you intend to start hiking early in the year and you want to prevent getting on still snowy & wet trails in the Alps.

We started close to the town of Sulz close to Laufenburg and basically followed this trail proposal which was worth it (25km in total). Generally, the page jurapark-aargau.ch has some nice recommendations including PDFs and corresponding GPX files to download.

Map of our Trail in the Jurapark

Map of our Trail in the Jurapark

During clear weather you have various spots with excellent views on the Alps which still had white peaks. Don’t forget to bring your cervela for BBQ during lunchtime!

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