Hiking in the Grossglockner Region

Hiking in the Grossglockner Region - View on the Glacial Sandersee

The Grossglockner mountain (Austria) was hiding in fog on this day – this didn’t prevent us from hiking in this region while we crossed the Grossglockner High Alpine Road by car.

We were driving up to the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, a place filled up with tourists even on a rainy and foggy day, and started to hike the “Gamsgrubenweg” (information in German can be found here) until we reached the glacier. From there, we didn’t continue but returned back to the car.

This hike must be awesome during a sunny day with nice weather and views – I guess it’s worth to return one day. Solely, the entry for the road is insane – 36,- Euros for entering the Grossglockner High Alpine Road.

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