Hiking Val Grande – the Mystical South of the Alpes

Abandoned farms in Val Grande

I heard various stories about the Val Grande throughout the last years but never found the time to go there on my own –  until July 2019 where I finally found time to hike the Val Grande on my own and verify whether all these amazing stories are true. Indeed they are.

We took the following trip report from Andreas as a rough guideline for our own trip but squeezed the 4 days into 2 tough days. This was possible but demands to climb way above 1300m elevation on the first day. The second day is then easier to handle but still requires various kilometers to be covered.

Elevation Overview Val Grande Trip

Elevation Overview Val Grande Trip

Our 2-days trip was organized as follows:

  1. day: Trontano – Passo di Basagrana – Alpe Mottac
  2. day: Alpe Scaredi – Agriturismo – Malesco

Val Grande is definitively a must do destination for hikers that love to go either up or down. There are hardly any real flat parts in Val Grande as you can see from the elevation map above.

Furthermore, Val Grande is for middle-european circumstances quite remote – so prepare properly. Finally, the GPX file that we used for as a rough indicator can be downloaded here. Further information about the biggest Italian wilderness can be found here and here.

We will come back for sure!


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