Castle Hopping near Mosbach – Germany

View on the Castle Zwingenberg

In June 2019, I did a nice 2-day hike with an old friend close to the town of Mosbach in Germany. Perfect weather conditions combined with a super nice trail made this trip a great experience. Below you can find some information about the trail and the corresponding GPX file.

We started in Eberbach and followed the trail East towards the Katzenbuckel – one of the minor peaks on the trail. From there, we headed South towards Zwingenberg and the Wolfsschlucht – a nice, but short, trail through a rough gorge.

From there, we followed the Neckar River towards Neckargerach where we stayed one night on the Castle Minneburg. The next day, we hiked the Margarethenschlucht, again a nice gorge, and headed towards Mosbach.

Please be aware that this GPS track below is solely rebuilt – it does not reflect the actual trail we walked. For doing the same trip it should be totally sufficient.

Altitude Overview of Castle Hopping Trail near Mosbach

Altitude Overview of Castle Hopping Trail near Mosbach

Here you can download the GPX file for the Castle Hopping Trip near Mosbach – Germany.


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