View from the Climb up to Mittagflue

Hiking Up the Mittagflue

The weather forecast was not very promising – but we still got up early and did the circle over the “Mittagflue” peak close to the town of Wimmis, Switzerland. It was worth it – even with quite bad weather conditions, the hike was amazing and I cannot imagine how great the views must be with sunny weather.

We started our trip close to the shooting range in Brünnlisau. The path up is a single track and the higher you get, the better the views become. You also come across two caves.

Once you are on the ridge, views get even better and the trail becomes easier. Towards the end, we took some shortcuts which were mainly made of cow trails. We had partly some struggles to find the track especially when we crossed bigger flat areas. In case you have a GPS with you, you will be on the safe side. Especially the way we took down was complicated, if not impossible, to find without a GPS. If you don’t have one with you, just stay on the core hiking trails that are very well marked as normal in Switzerland.

Map of the MittagflueTrail (source:
Map of the MittagflueTrail (source:
Altitute Profile of the Mittagflue (source:
Altitute Profile of the Mittagflue (source:


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