Morocco – between Mountains and Desert

Marrakkesch - Djemaa el Fna

I’m not sure how the area I visited back in 2007 has developed now in 2019 – but back in 2007, it was an amazing hike from Telouet to Aït-Ben-Haddou. Spending time in Marrakesch beforehand and heading down to the desert afterwards was definitively the right choice.

The hike took us 2-3 days and there was basically no real traffic on the road. Wild camping places were easy to find – though we underestimated the cold during the night. During the day, we came across multiple small towns hidden somewhere in the valley and ended the trip finally in Telouet. From there, we continued down to the outskirts of the Sahara close to Zagora by bus. I still remember the bus ride back over the Atlas – a major challenge for middle-european stomachs.

Morocco was an amazing country – I seriously hope it still is. Need to return there once.

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