Hiking and Packrafting Lake Inari


Lake Inari (Finland) offers endless possibilities of exploring and discovering – which we used in 2012 for a couple of weeks. It is an amazing area in summer as well as in winter which shouldn’t be missed.

We started with paddling a few days over the Lake Inari, sleeping in the multiple huts that we had on our own in late September. The nights were already freezing and therefore we basically had zero mosquitos. I brought my packraft – which is not the best idea for paddling a lake like the Inari but still works with enough physical investments.

OSM has some of the huts on the lake already registered – way better information you can find on the retkikartta.fi webpage as well as the official website. Canoes can be rented easily in the town of Inari.

Afterwards, we did a small but amazing 2-day hike to a wilderness church close to the lake – check out this link here and find the trail to the wilderness church. In case you bring your packraft, you can start in the town of Inari, hike up to the church and then head to the lake in order to raft back into town.

In case you still have time, you can rent a car and drive up to the North Cape in Norway in 2 days – didn’t I say that Inari is amazing?

2 Comments on “Hiking and Packrafting Lake Inari

    • Hey Sartenda,

      I saw these kind of cruise boats during our time on the lake – faster than us anyway 😉
      Seems like you enjoyed your time up there as well – it is indeed a great area for spending time.



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