Roadtrip through Canada in Fall

Canada in Fall

In fall 2018 we did some hiking / roadtrip to the central Canadian region around Toronto. It’s a great area for seeing winter approaching and the change in nature during that time of the year.

We basically visited two major national parks: Algonquin and Bon Echo

In Algonquin, we did the following trails: Centennial Ridges, Bat Lake, Hemlock Bluff and the Old Railway Highway by bike. In Bon Echo, we only did the Abes Trail – an easy dayhike of around 15 km.

All our trails were dayhikes that are easy to do in case you did some basic hiking beforehand. This area has lots of nature and I would love to come back to do a multi-day packrafting trip in the Algonquin area. Also, Ottawa and Toronto are great cities to spend some days in. However, in case you want to see mountains – go somewhere else – it’s relatively flat most of the time.


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