Return to the Lech River – Packrafting Austria

When we first packrafted the Lech River in 2013, it was clear that we will come back one day – in May 2018 we did.

Flow Rate: ca. 27m³/sec
Water level: ca. 270 cm
Water Temperature: 7 degrees C

4Paddlers has an excellent site with the latest data for Steeg – here. Steeg was also the place where we entered the river – however, it should be safe to enter the river a little bit more upstream in case you want to extend the trip (GPS: 47.24770, 10.26651). This extension is still not too crazy.

We got out in Weissenbach close to the second bridge (GPS: 47.44024, 10.64575). It took us almost a complete day including breaks etc. There were no super difficult parts in the river but compared to the Reuss or the Limmat River, this river does not let you chill – you need to be constantly alarmed.

Nevertheless – the Lech is definitively a highly recommended rafting river – especially due to the unlimited hike+raft combinations the area offers. We will come back – for sure!


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