Winter Packrafting the River Thur – Switzerland

Even in winter you can catch awesome sunny days with perfect rafting conditions – we caught one of those days a few weeks ago and spent a full day packrafting the icy Thur River.

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We kicked off the trip in Lütisburg directly at the old wooden bridge (GPS: 47.39367, 9.074912) – it then took us a few hours to get down to Schwarzenbach (GPS: 47.44626, 9.063843) where we got out before the bridge as you can see on the video. The public transport is not the best on a Sunday afternoon so we hiked back to Lütisburg which will take you 1-2 hours depending on the track you take.

This section of the river is known as the “Mittlere Thur” and is rated as a II/III. However, keep in mind that we had a very low water level during our ride (532,9 – lowest level is 933) – the flow rate was 6.1 m³ – check the latest level here.

All in all the Thur is a very nice river with plenty of different difficulty levels that could also be tried out during low water season. We will return back to the Thur – that’s for sure.

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