Hiking to the Top of Crete – Psiloritis (2456m)

Early September 2017, I went to Greece and also found some time to hike up the highest mountain of Crete – the Psiloritis (2456m). Below you can find some short information around this easy hike.

  • Date: Early September – blue sky – sunny day
  • The hike indeed is nothing extraordinary without great scenery in the first phase – it gets better as soon as you reach the peak
  • The European long distance hiking trail E4 does lead over the peak as well
  • We approached the peak from the South side via the village Kouroutes – from there, a 10 km gravel road leads to the Prinos hut
  • Driving with the car to the hut is an adventure and the success depends on the power of your car – we had to push ours once and didn’t make it to the hut but parked the car further downhill – 4×4 is heavily recommended, but I read reports of folks who made it without
  • There is a stone church (Timios Stavros) on top which could also be used as an emergency shelter
  • There is water available at the top – a cistern is right behind the church – I recommend strongly to apply filters and only use the water in emergency cases since it does not seem to be very trustworthy
  • 1200m altitude took us a little bit more than 2 hours – we carried 4,5 liters of water for 2 persons which was sufficient but I would bring more next time
  • Bring strong sunblockers and some warm clothes for the peak

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