Annapurna Circuit in October

The Annapurna Circuit with its wonderful and constantly changing landscape and nature, represented an excellent diversion after months in the deserts of South America. Although it cannot be considered as a lonely wilderness trail due to its well established infrastructure, it provides amazing views combined with an interesting cultural experience.

We (3 people first – continued solo later on) started in Besisahar after arriving by bus from Kathmandu. The base weight of our backpacks was already pretty low but we realized quickly that we could have stripped down the luggage even further. Besides warm clothes for rainy days, a small lightweight sleeping bag and some food/drinks for the day hardly anything is needed. After the small town of Manang and over the Torong La Pass, possibilities for resupplying get a little bit less – but you should definitively leave your tent at home.

The 1st main challenge on this trail is according to my information the altitude whose impact is often misunderstood and underestimated by hikers. The 2nd main challenge is the possibility of quick weather changes that can have severe impact depending on your altitude and level of equipment.

The Annapurna Circuit is a perfect spot for experiencing a scenic and relaxed walk – the more time you have, the more relaxed it will get. In case you intend to dive into more details of the trail, have a look here and here.

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