Paying the GR221 a Visit – Mallorca

Mallorca is awesome for hiking – although it doesn’t look like this in the first place. The GR221, as part of the European network of long-distance trails, provides roughly 150 lovely kilometers of connected trails. Additionally, there is a lot of map material available with which you can create your own alternatives.

Solid baseline information can be found here in different languages. Also check out the section guides that can be downloaded as PDFs. Information below is from early 2014 so could be outdated.

Tour Information

  • Date: Easter 2014 – 2 persons – roughly 1 week
  • We took the “Tren de Soller” from Palma to Soller from which we headed towards the coast to Port de Soller
  • From Port de Soller, we hitched / took a bus to Deia in order to walk again north along the coast (recommended!) until reaching Port de Soller again.
  • We continued to Santuari de Lluc (where we also slept 1 night) while doing some variants (Torrent de Pareis)
  • We took a tent for being more flexible – but not really needed if you stick to the general recommendations

Difficulties & Challenges

  • None

Tour Alternatives & Ideas

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